Ministrations, 2020.
[Recycled pinewood] 
Group Exhibition, ‘Call and Response’- Pollok House

To see the hands moving click here:

Carved hands from repurposed pine wood which - when wound up - mimic the movements of various gestures. I built the mechanism which allows the hands to move into an antique style table that I carved by hand. This work was part of a group show commissioned by Pollok House.

Borneo cedar was prized by the wealthy who decorated their stately homes with bespoke carved furniture and wood panelled interiors. Before the COVID-19 lockdown I was selected to create an artwork carved from repurposed pinewood for the Cedar Room of Pollok House, Glasgow. Practicing truth to the materials I prioritise the process becoming a part of the work. Visible tool marks and unvarnished surfaces are evidence to the objects construction but also contrast and comment on the veneered material history and context of the space.